Teams are created in college and university as well as in workplaces to address the increasing degree of complexity of the projects that are assigned. The Conference Board of Canada includes teamwork skills as important skills to “enter, stay in, and progress in the world of work.” Teams are formed for many purposes; however, one important reason is to gather people with diverse experiences and expertise to solve problems and pursue opportunities. A project will only be as good as the team that completes it; as a result, creating a friendly, collaborative, efficient, and communicative team will go a long way to achieving success.

Learning Objectives

This section contains chapters with the following learning objectives:

4.1  Understand how to use team project management tools and strategies, such as team charters, agendas, minutes, and work logs to facilitate collaboration.

4.2 Understand various models for understanding team dynamics, and reflect on how you might apply them to help you and your teammates resolve conflicts and work productively.

4.3 Understand collaborative writing processes and strategies, and reflect on what works for your team.



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