APPENDICES: Writing Fundamentals

Technical Writing Essentials is designed to follow up on the skills learned in a first year college writing course. You learned many of these skills in the context of transferable writing in COM101 and COM111, so you are well under way to realizing the importance of these writing abilities in workplace writing. For a review of basic sentence skills and paragraph development, see Tara Horkoff’s Writing for Success (2013/2019).

The following appendices provide a review of some of the basic conventions and expectations of writing fundamentals that you should be familiar with and that are relevant to technical writing:

Appendix A:  Transitional Words and Phrases for College Writing

Appendix B:  Sentence Structure

Appendix C:  Punctuation Matters

Appendix D:  Writing Comparisons

Appendix E:  Peer Review Essentials



Horkoff, T. & McLean, S. (2013/2019). Writing for success. eCampus Ontario Open Library. This text is a derivative of Scott McLean’s original 2013 version of Writing for Success. CC-BY-NC-SA




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