Document design is the “nuts and bolts” of technical writing. It refers to not only how information is laid out on the page, but also the signals you use to make information easy to find and use. No matter how brilliant or important the content, if it is not formatted in a way that enhances readability and conforms to formatting conventions recognized by the company you work for and by the industry you work in, it will likely not receive the attention it deserves. This section includes information on how technical writers use formatting features to optimize the readability and usability of your documents.

Chapter 3 Learning Objectives

This chapter covers the following topics:

3.1 Understand the importance of readability to your technical audience and what that looks like in technical documents.

3.2 Understand how to use headings to organize information logically to enhance readers’ comprehension.

3.3 Understand the rules for embedding various kinds of lists in your documents to emphasize key points and simplify the text.

3.4 Understand how to integrate various kinds of figures and tables into documents to effectively present visual data and images.

3.5 Apply revision strategies using style tips to enhance clarity and readability.


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