Oral presentations may be one of the most anxiety-inducing prospects for many students and professionals alike. Yet the ability to plan your presentation, use available technologies, and speak clearly and confidently in public is an important competency in the workplace.

Since there is an enormous amount of information on this topic available on the internet, and since “showing” is often more effective than “telling,” links to several online resources are included to help you sort through and find credible and authoritative sources of information and sample presentations to help you learn more and develop your own presentations.

Chapter 8 Learning Objectives

This chapter will help you develop confidence and skills in presenting information orally, both individually and as a team, and in designing visually effective presentations in person and virtually by focusing on the following areas:

9.1 Applying skills and techniques that will help build your confidence as a presenter

9.2 Developing presentation skills by using a systematic process to practice delivery and use visual rhetoric

9.3 Using software features and slide tools to design your presentation

9.4 Using collaboration skills to effectively present as a team

9.5 Extending and applying your skills to present virtually


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