Part VIII Routine Messages

The vast majority of the couple hundred billion business emails sent every day are short messages of a routine nature such as asking for and sharing information, requesting action, or thanking someone for something given. Most of the time these are positive or neutral messages that are direct-approach messages where the main idea comes right upfront and details follow. Occasionally, you must communicate bad news in writing, which requires a more careful, indirect approach and then there are persuasive messages that are most effective if the AIDA approach is used.

Here are some examples of each type of message that a student might write:

Routine Messages

  • Requesting that a Professor be a reference for a job opportunity
  • Notifying a Professor that you will not be in class
  • Asking a Professor for information about an assignment

Negative Message

  • Letter of Resignation

Persuasive Message

  • Cover Letter

Goodwill Message

  • Thanking an employer after an interview


In this part, we will cover:


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